Signs of the Times

signs of the timesWe’ve seen stories in the news and on television about workers being fired for comments and photos they’ve posted on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. We’ve heard about companies conducting online searches of potential employees in the same social networking sites claiming they want to know how a potential employees acts outside the workplace.

Should it really matter to an employer what workers post on social networking sites, provided they make their posts on their own time? Is it intrusive for employers to cross into workers’ personal lives in this manner? As for potential employees, should it matter how individuals act outside the workplace especially if their work performance is on target?

Have employers just gotten to the point of searching for negatives and reasons to terminate employment? Are employers just looking for reasons not to hire? Have we evolved into a business world where the glass is now half empty as opposed to half full?

About Paul Segreto

Paul Segreto, CEO at Franchise Foundry brings unique perspective, entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry experience to franchise management, marketing and development. For over thirty years he has exclusively served the franchise industry as consultant and coach, senior-level corporate executive, advocate, multi-unit franchisee and area developer. Dedicated to franchise success at all levels, Paul has consulted with founders and franchise executives of start-up & emerging franchise concepts, franchisees experiencing difficult challenges in their daily operations, and with small business owners discovering franchising as a business expansion strategy or income diversification plan. Understanding the franchise sales process from lead generation through franchise award, and the importance of forming an interdependent relationship between franchisee and franchisor, Paul has successfully developed and executed marketing and development strategies for franchisors across a variety of franchise segments. As franchise candidates and consumers have become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, Paul has embraced social technology and social media marketing, and has identified both as essential to future franchise growth at all levels. He has developed, “Get Off Your Ass Marketing!” and other successful revenue and profit generating programs for franchise organizations in the United States and abroad. Paul is a proud member of several franchise associations including the International Franchise Association, serving on its Franchise Relations, Marketing & Technology and Membership committees. He is the founder and host of the popular internet radio show, Franchise Today, has co-founded FranSummit, a virtual training platform, to provide effective eLearning solutions for the franchise community, and founded Personal Branding for Franchise Professionals to assist all who work within franchising to develop personal branding strategies to align individual experience and expertise with brand and business development. As a recognized franchise and social media expert, Paul frequently serves as a guest speaker / topic leader for webinars, focus groups, strategy and sales planning meetings, training sessions and industry panels. He is frequently called upon to utilize his expertise in the development of articles for industry blogs and publications, and training programs for companies and organizations within the industry.
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6 Responses to Signs of the Times

  1. I agree with Harold, it’s definitely a fine line but I’ll tell you what, I would not want to work at a company that uses Facebook to find reasons to fire people. And secondly, If you’re doing things that you wouldn’t do in front of your boss, first , grow up. second … don’t post them online!

    Employers should know their employees and if they are engaging in out-of-office activities that are harmful to themselves or the business, then by all means, red flags need to be raised. But come on people! When you were little and you skipped school, did you come home and tell your mom what you bought at the mall instead of sitting in class?

  2. Harold (SMM) says:

    Great questions and I liked the CNN article you linked to, also. It is indeed an interesting time we find ourselves in. On one hand businesses are having to engage these social networks because that is where their customers are and on another those same businesses employ people who are using those networks.

    When blog first hit the scene I can remember the stories of employees fired over blog posts. That’s sort of died down some as blogs have and as bloggers and businesses have become more savvy.

    I think in the end though, businesses will ultimately just have to embrace the problems of the new information age and accept it as it is. Of course in the embrace they need to work steering it by having a good attitude toward employees and customers.

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