Franchisees Using Social Media… Of Course!

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed on Tweet Chat by Jennifer MacDonald, Director of Community and Client Engagement at Engage121. The topic of discussion was Franchising and Social Media, a topic very close and dear to my heart.

Starting off the discussion, Jennifer asked me, “Why should I let my franchisees use Social Media?” to which I responded, “Today’s consumer is more sophisticated and technologically advanced than ever before, and expect brands to be online!” and followed up with, “Franchisees need to be on social media to provide the “local” experience for consumers.” The discussion may be viewed on Twitter by searching the hashtag #IFA2012.

But if you really want (need) a more comprehensive answer to the question, I suggest reading Jennifer’s post, Why should I let my franchisees use Social Media, posted today on Engage121 blog. Here’s an excerpt of the post…

Why wouldn’t you? I’m going to guess that your first thought is brand management. That is understandable. But, you let your franchisees market their business now and you have brand guidelines for them to follow. You provide training when they first join your franchise network, and maybe you show them how to use your email marketing system. Why not add a little training about using Facebook for business as well?

If you don’t have the manpower for training, then make sure to add some guidelines to your brand policy. Point your franchisees in the right direction for support, such as Facebook’s Help Center or Twitter’s support center. List a few good blogs for them to follow in order to learn Best Practices, such as Spin Sucks, SmartBrief on Social Media, and Mashable.

Read the complete post here.

About Engage121

For more than 10 years, Engage121, Inc has provided communications software and services to hundreds of national franchisors, dealerships and direct sellers. We sell software applications on a subscription basis to marketing and customer service leaders who need to manage their communities. Simply put, Engage121 is an established social CRM software company. Engage121 drives demand and incremental revenues for customers by providing access to millions of engaged consumers. We have a client-driven development approach to adapt our platform to your business and customer relationships today and tomorrow. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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About Paul Segreto

Paul Segreto, CEO at Franchise Foundry brings unique perspective, entrepreneurial spirit and extensive industry experience to franchise management, marketing and development. For over thirty years he has exclusively served the franchise industry as consultant and coach, senior-level corporate executive, advocate, multi-unit franchisee and area developer. Dedicated to franchise success at all levels, Paul has consulted with founders and franchise executives of start-up & emerging franchise concepts, franchisees experiencing difficult challenges in their daily operations, and with small business owners discovering franchising as a business expansion strategy or income diversification plan. Understanding the franchise sales process from lead generation through franchise award, and the importance of forming an interdependent relationship between franchisee and franchisor, Paul has successfully developed and executed marketing and development strategies for franchisors across a variety of franchise segments. As franchise candidates and consumers have become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, Paul has embraced social technology and social media marketing, and has identified both as essential to future franchise growth at all levels. He has developed, “Get Off Your Ass Marketing!” and other successful revenue and profit generating programs for franchise organizations in the United States and abroad. Paul is a proud member of several franchise associations including the International Franchise Association, serving on its Franchise Relations, Marketing & Technology and Membership committees. He is the founder and host of the popular internet radio show, Franchise Today, has co-founded FranSummit, a virtual training platform, to provide effective eLearning solutions for the franchise community, and founded Personal Branding for Franchise Professionals to assist all who work within franchising to develop personal branding strategies to align individual experience and expertise with brand and business development. As a recognized franchise and social media expert, Paul frequently serves as a guest speaker / topic leader for webinars, focus groups, strategy and sales planning meetings, training sessions and industry panels. He is frequently called upon to utilize his expertise in the development of articles for industry blogs and publications, and training programs for companies and organizations within the industry.
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