Paul Segreto joins Manalto Advisory Board

I am extremely honored to have been asked to join Manalto Inc. Advisory Board. Thank you Anthony Owen and Megan Owen for your confidence in my experience within franchising and social media and how I will be able to use the same in helping Manalto achive its goals and objectives in franchising.

In my opinion, Manalto is a definite leader in social media management solutions and I’m certain franchise systems of all sizes will greatly benefit by utilizing Manalto software. Yes, I’m happy to be on board!

Social Media: Looking Back to 2010 – Has Anything “Really” Changed?

A frequently-cited impediment to the franchising industry’s adoption of social media is the perceived time commitment required to achieve optimum results. There are many implementation methods and technology tools that can be utilized to execute a firm’s social media program in a way that will maximize ROI, minimize time requirements and achieve complete integration into its overall marketing strategy, all of which will serve to achieve optimum results.

Technology As The New Norm – Are We There Yet?

As the world rapidly moves towards “everything digital” it is vitally important, and absolutely essential we stay on top of technology. This cannot be stressed enough! It is reality and is paramount to any type of business success. The key is not to look at this from a negative perspective. Instead, embrace it for what it is, and for what it can do to help grow your business. Technology is not the enemy. It truly is your friend and one that can help you in more ways than you could ever imagine.