30-year Pizza Brand, Pepperoni’s Now Franchising

After many years of building a successful brand, Pepperoni’s Founder & serial restaurateur, Ray Salti developed a more efficient scaled down business model that addressed many of the issues facing restaurant operators today – high real estate costs, escalating labor costs, diminishing workforce pool, quality control and increased demand for take-out & delivery.

Proving the new model for over five years with increasing revenue and profitability, Ray decided to launch the new Pepperoni’s into franchising in mid-2019. To ensure success as a franchise system, significant financial resources were committed to technology integration, modern unit layout & design, operations support & training and a call center.

In addition, a modern corporate office is currently under construction for the growing Pepperoni’s team, test kitchen, training facilities and commissary. Combined with delivery of exceptional New York style pizza, positively memorable customer experiences and excellent unit-economics, Pepperoni’s is well-positioned for franchise success.

Single and Multi-unit Franchise opportunities are available along with Area Development opportunities such as those that recently resulted in two five-unit development agreements in Greater Houston Area. Short-term growth plans include all major and secondary markets throughout Texas followed by expansion across Southeast U.S.

Interested in owning a Pepperoni’s? Learn how by inquiring at https://franchisefoundry.com/franchise/pepperonis/

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Franchise Foundry Expands into Growing Hispanic Market

Cross-cultural Focus Continues at Franchise Development Firm

Texas-based Franchise Foundry looks forward to continuing their mission en español, por favor! Liliana (Lili) Varela joins Franchise Foundry, bringing her passion for franchising and communicating in her native Spanish to assist future business owners in identifying the most suitable franchise opportunities.

Lili, a seasoned marketing professional living in Dallas, has a deep and diverse background in marketing and franchise sales management, having worked with franchisors like Focus Brands, Campero USA, Boston’s Pizza and Salad Works.

“I am thrilled to be guiding Hispanics of all ages through this emotional journey, says Lili. A very high percentage of restaurant team members are Hispanic, some of the most loyal customers are Hispanic, it only makes sense to have Hispanic investors and restaurant owners fully embrace their community!”

“Whereas most Hispanic leaders are fluent in English, and are used to conducting business in English, the emotional connection goes a long way”, says Paul Segreto, CEO of Franchise Foundry, “especially as the Hispanic business market continues to grow in the U.S.

Claritas, a company focused on growth and creator of robust identity graphs states, “Hispanic businesses grew 40.2% from 2012 to 2018 – more than twice the 18.8% growth rate of other U.S. firms. Today, about 1 out of every 7 businesses is run by a Hispanic American entrepreneur. Hispanic entrepreneurs also tend to be younger than the average business owner.”

Segreto continues, “We are thrilled to have Lili join our team and look forward to expanding our reach into the Hispanic community and helping to form and fortify relationships between investors and franchise brands throughout Texas and beyond.

About Franchise Foundry

Franchise Foundry is a boutique development firm focused on emerging franchise brands. Boasting more than 30 years of experience building businesses, Franchise Foundry’s leadership fully understands the unique challenges that emerging franchisors face in starting, growing or turning around their brands. Utilizing a hybrid coaching/consulting approach, the Foundry team develops and deploys effective solutions in franchise management and operations, change management, traditional and digital marketing, relationship and business management technology and domestic and international franchise development. Franchise Foundry also assists franchise brands in raising capital and exploring merger and acquisition opportunities. The company has an expanding list of client brands, primarily in the restaurant industry segment, with its primary goal of positioning clients with unique, differentiating propositions to stand out in today’s highly competitive business environment.

For more information, visit http://franchisefoundry.com

Change… Because Failure is not an Option


Like a ship at sea, a business should make directional changes in a long, sweeping manner. Conversely, although abrupt change in direction may create havoc, it may be deemed necessary by the captain and navigation team to avoid what may not be apparently visible on the surface to others on the ship, but is evident nonetheless through compilation of data and viewing radar. In any event, well thought-out plans, including contingency plans must be in place and acted upon to arrive safely at a specific destination within a certain time frame, and with available resources.

However, what happens when seas are rough, or when a storm is approaching, or when an engine shuts down? It’s then the captain’s responsibility to crew and passengers, and to the ship’s stakeholders to make any and all necessary changes to ensure all interests are protected. Thereafter, when the ship is safely docked, management must review the events that took place and explore options to ensure the same problems don’t reoccur. Management must identify ways to improve performance by developing strategy and executing on tactical plans to accomplish objectives at all required intervals – short, mid and long-term.

Change requires thought and planning. As does operating a successful business. As change occurs, many within the business are exposed to decisions that on the surface appear to be “drastic or severe” and are not understood and/or agreed upon. However, what is typically not realized are areas of weakness and vulnerability that must be addressed and with the utmost sense of urgency. In many cases there are common denominators across multiple areas of the business. Most will be directly attributable to reduction in sales. Some will adversely affect profitability.

Unfortunately, financial concerns seem to keep coming back, although, not quite at levels during the economic downturn of 8-10 years ago. But, as was the case back then, deficiencies, usually hidden by high sales levels are starting to stand out again like sore thumbs. Accepting these facts while realizing limitations and shortcomings is vitally important, but knowing what and how to improve [and change] is required. Definitive action is paramount!

Change what needs to be changed. Prioritize changes that will make the most immediate impact. Grow into the changes that aren’t urgent. But, do it all within the time frame where challenges present themselves as survival may be dependent upon the same. Change, as unpopular as it might be, is necessary to recover AND to move forward. To this end, hard decisions must be made – with absolute conviction and without delay for the good of the business and ultimately, for all within the business. Yes, change is difficult. But so is failure, and failure is not an option!