Integrated Franchise Marketing & Development

Integrating technology with traditional strategies for effective franchise marketing and lead generation… a practical plan for future franchise growth, and in some cases, future survival. I shared this and the rest of the article below back in 2011 and I firmly believe it’s still true today!

The days of promoting franchise concepts and brands primarily through static, expensive, two-dimensional advertising are rapidly becoming things of the past. Sure, franchising has experienced a great run and will most likely remain the backbone of small business. However, as we continue to recover from a period of economic uncertainty franchisors must continue to explore and utilize more effective methods and processes in marketing franchise opportunities, products and services as franchise growth objectives continue to be on the forefront of franchisors’ minds in the United States and abroad.

Franchise marketing and development efforts, for both today and tomorrow, must be technologically advanced to attract a more sophisticated, educated (and cautious) franchise candidate and consumer than the franchise industry has ever seen before. A trend that is evolving as an increasing number of transitioning, highly-skilled and educated business professionals and corporate executives explore franchising as a career alternative while already successful street-smart entrepreneurs investigate franchising, perhaps for the first time, as part of their diversification and expansion strategies. As well, value-conscious consumers are spending more and more time researching information online before making a purchase, and not only for the best value. Customer reviews, consumer reports, community involvement and professional affiliation are also being considered.

In addition, today’s franchise marketing and development efforts must be an integration of new technology and traditional strategies, creating what I refer to as Integrated Franchise Marketing (IFM). It’s a comprehensive approach to achieving multiple goals and objectives within startup, emerging and mature franchise organizations. IFM directs its focus on creating or improving brand awareness for the franchise organization at local, regional and national levels, driving revenue for franchisees, and generating genuine interest in the franchise concept itself.

The fact is, candidates and consumers alike, are embracing Social Media and complementing technologies in Mobile Marketing, as a way of researching information and exploring opportunities…including today and tomorrow’s franchise brands, products and services. From this diligent research they will make buying decisions, and will network with others and share the information they’ve accumulated along with their experience with the company they’ve chosen to invest in or do business with. Basically, with an organization they’ve grown to trust!

This article was previously posted on this site October 2011.

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7 Responses to Integrated Franchise Marketing & Development

  1. right…Integrated Franchise Marketing is the best way to developed own business..

  2. Achieving multiple goals is is made simpler with Franchise marketing. It has helped me reach my annual targets with minimum of risks.

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  4. Todd Leiser says:

    Paul- right on! We’re putting more of our Franchise recruiting
    budget into social media and looking to leverage multi-platform strategies. There has been and will be some pain but I think in the end we will find a better caliber of prospect and then franchisee.

    I’m interested to see what others are doing.

    • Paul Segreto says:

      Hi Todd. I trust this finds you well. I believe the key in utilizing social media in franchise recruitment efforts is to make sure it’s integrated with traditional strategies AND the transition from virtual to real world is seamless in the eyes of the candidate. As you know, social media is not a silver bullet, or a cure for poor practices. Nor is it a stand-alone marketing process or method. It is a communications tool that when utilized effectively, complements and enhances your message. Hope to see you soon at a franchise event.

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