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FEATURED ARTICLE: What is Holding Women Entrepreneurs Back From Attaining Success?

Women hold the power to change the world but not all are young and bold to share their stories… A majority of women across the world face multiple barriers like lack of family support, lack of capital and lack of self-confidence that act as hindrances in their entrepreneurial pursuits. From being a perfect mother to running a business, women have the power to balance work and family still somewhere they are being held back from fulfilling their dreams.

A 2018 report by the World Economic Forum, “The Global Gender Gap,” finds that across the 149 countries assessed, there are just 17 that currently have women as heads of state, while, on average, just 18 percent of ministers and 24 percent of parliamentarians globally are women. Women hold the power to change the world but not all are young and bold to share their stories.

Read about five women entrepreneurs who shared that one thing that’s holding back women in business from success HERE!

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