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Today’s Featured Topic: Franchising

FEATURED ARTICLE: How to Vet Franchisors and Predict Your ROI on a Franchise Business

While every item on the franchise disclosure document (FDD) is important, some may be more important to you than others. One of the big-ticket items you should be paying attention to is money: what you must put into the franchise and what you get in return.

It would be wonder­ful if there were a simple calculation to figure out your cost ben­efit, but there just isn’t. Unfortunately, because the FDD is such a complex document, many prospective franchisees try to simplify it, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the items dealing with fees and services (Items 5, 6, and 8).

Frequently, prospective franchisees will focus on either the franchise fee or the royalty and compare it to the competitors’. At a quick glance, the lowest fee seems the most attractive. Unfortunately, that’s the equivalent of going to a used-car lot and buying the cheapest car you can find.

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