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Featured Article: Entrepreneur vs Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Magazine states that lifestyle entrepreneurs create a business that supports their lifestyle and creates freedom, while making an impact in other people’s lives. A lifestyle entrepreneur may or may not have a novel business idea or a niche to capitalize on, but they still own and operate a business at their leisure.

With one, you have the opportunity to reach the earnings threshold necessary to live the life of your dreams simultaneously. This business model is one that is attractive to people of all ages in various stages because it gives you the freedom to run a business and live life more enjoyably.

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Why lazydaze counterculture? From the beginning, prospective franchisees were excited about a lazydaze counterculture franchise for the same reasons as I was. The smokeshop industry provided a foot in the door to the cannabis industry, and our brand always navigated this path in a professional, legitimate, and innovative manner. A lazydaze counterculture franchise also quenched the thirst that comes with having trailblazing, entrepreneurial spirit. Read more here.

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Finding the right business is all about compatibility and leveraging your skills. A business that is right for one person is not necessarily a good fit for you. As such, we’d like to introduce you to Zoracle’s Business Builder Profile. You may access this complimentary assessment here.

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It’s amazing how many people are afraid to make a mistake… truly afraid. This risk aversion cannot live in the same body as an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs are prone to make mistakes. Where they’re different is that the mistakes don’t define them. The solutions do. #Acceler8Success

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