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FEATURED ARTICLE: Why This Top Entrepreneur Thinks ‘World Class’ Isn’t a Hard or Unrealistic Aspiration

Jackson Family Wines chairman and proprietor Barbara Banke, has broken through many glass ceilings–or wine bottles, in this case. In 2013, she become the first woman to ever be awarded Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Person of the Year. If you are anything like me, you’ve almost certainly sipped one of her company’s 40 brands of wine at some point (or many points) in your life.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Banke a world-class leader–in fact, that’s a phrase she uses often. Banke says she aspires to be “world class” in every aspect of her life, whether it’s having the most elegant vineyards in California, the top Pinot Noir in the world, or the best racing horses in America. Read the complete article here.

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The Boulder, Colorado-based Brewers Association Tuesday released its annual growth report on the industry. By dollars, sales were $27.6 million, up 7 percent from the previous year and accounting for 24.1 percent of the market. Its members produced 25.9 million barrels of beer in 2018, up 4 percent from 2017 and accounting for 13.2 percent of the total beer market. Read more.

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3 Entrepreneurship Quotes To Keep You Inspired In 2019

Entrepreneurship quotes and success quotes, in general, offer perspective everyone seems to enjoy. They are even more appreciated when you know the person that said them and learn more about their success, struggles, and failures that lead to achievement.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we can appreciate such quotes and stories more than the average person. With this in mind, let’s look at a few inspirational and motivational quotes from various entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals who continue to inspire those they reach. Read more here.

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