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Daring To Innovate: The Key To Finding Success As An Entrepreneur

While you may be used to hearing “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” from the Star Wars movie franchise uttered more often by film-lovers around the world, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Dr. Simon Ourian swear by these words in his day-to-day life as an entrepreneur as well.

Dr. Ourian wants all entrepreneurs to know this: “When it’s your dream, your vision, only you can see the path forward. Loved ones will voice concerns about all the potential risks and pitfalls, peers and competitors will tell you it is impossible or a bad idea, and enemies will try to sabotage– as an entrepreneur, you must overcome all of those criticisms, and follow the path you’ve chosen for yourself. As far as I am concerned, I don’t let the haters interfere with my work, or with my vision. And I have to say, that modus operandi has worked great for me so far.” Read more…

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Financing a Minority-Owned Franchise: 5 Avenues to Explore

A new study shows a remarkable increase in the number of minority-owned franchises in the United States. If you are an entrepreneur considering opening a franchise business, the data shows the opportunity for business ownership.

For many potential business owners, the question is one of funding, as seen in the recent report, Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for Minority Business Owners in 2019. Franchising is an intriguing opportunity and there are funding options available. When looking at financing a minority-owned business, five avenues to explore are readily available. Read more…

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