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How to Prepare Yourself For The Ups And Downs of Entrepreneurship

The reality is that entrepreneurship is an emotional roller-coaster–it’s either going to kill you or make you stronger. Most entrepreneurs out there are wrestling with this flux day in and day out. No doubt, the lifestyle can be exciting. The work can be incredibly fulfilling. But it can also be insanely stressful at times. If you’re going to build your life around your company, you have to learn about the ups and downs, and figure out a realistic way to keep yourself from flying off the tracks every time you hit a peak or a valley. Read more.

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In about half of new ventures the business is owned by one person who takes sole responsibility for all activity. Nevertheless, they’re still not going it alone. When “helpful others” who may provide a wide range of assistance are counted, only about one-fourth (27%) of nascent ventures involve someone truly operating alone. Three-fourths of sole owners enjoy assistance from one to six other people. The most common forms of assistance are ideas, advice and information. Other forms include facilitating access to financing, introductions to people who can help facilitate the startup, the provision of business services like legal or accounting help and informal business training. Further, startups with more people involved are more likely to reach initial profitability. Two in five (40%) of family teams and over half of collegial teams (54%) reach initial profitability versus only one-third (33%) of sole proprietorships and spousal teams that do so. Read more.

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