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This Is The Superpower Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Sleep is one of the most important investments you can make to succeed as an entrepreneur.

“Just when you need to be bursting with energy and busting stress to enable constructive, creative business thinking, lack of sleep instead reduces your ability to concentrate, calculate, think logically and remember.”
Harvard sleep expert
Dr. Charles Czeisler

Do you rely on that Grande Starbucks latte with an extra shot of espresso to get you going in the morning because you’re sleep deprived? If you do, you’re not alone. While sleep is a necessity, most of us aren’t getting enough of it. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently declared sleep disorders a public health epidemic. Research conducted by the CDC found that 23.2% of survey respondents (almost 50 million people) reported having problems concentrating during the day and 8.6% (18 million) said that sleep deficiency interfered with job performance.

The New York Times reported that 1.23 million days of work in the U.S. are lost each year due to chronic sleeplessness. Entrepreneurs are especially susceptible to sleep deprivation. In the early days, it’s tempting to stay up all night or sleep for a few hours at a time as you get your business up and running. Instead of benefiting your startup, this routine will backfire over time. Read more.

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When you first started out in business you probably did everything yourself. It took patience, tenacity, and discipline. You should be proud of yourself for getting this far. 

Who has the time to teach someone else every little detail involved in getting these tasks done? It only takes a few minutes to knock them out yourself, teaching sucks up
so much more time.
It’s just easier to do it myself.

As time has passed and business has grown, you may have lost patience with the tedious tasks involved in running your business. This impatience, frustration, or whatever you would call it, is your brain telling you it’s time to step away from the busywork. It’s no longer your job to see to the minor details. Don’t ignore this message; to succeed you’ll need to hand off your non-entrepreneurial tasks. Read more.

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