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FEATURED ARTICLE: 2 Major Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs Today

Entrepreneurship is not as lucrative as it seems. We should acknowledge this, a great deal commonly we are stuck in a convoluted situation unaware of the following course of activity.

Entrepreneurs frequently need to handle plenty of situations in their business which mostly does not occur to be positive. But, to be successful throughout everyday life, you have to encounter failures and continuously learn from your mistakes. These stepping stones can be the game changer in your success journey.

Challenges can enable you to understand the functionality of your market and ways to defeat the same. As a business mindset person, I have observed that in certain situations, business owners especially the ones who have just started their business get confused and come up short on the sort of understanding required in the specific situation.

In the present aggressive business world, nobody can bear to commit errors. Here are a couple of suggestions which will prop you up even through a rough fix. Read the full story here.

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FEATURED TOPIC: Craft Beer Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Lessons Through Craft Beer

The Health of the Craft Beer Craze: Why It’s Here to Stay

How This Entrepreneur Started A $2M Craft Brewery

Craft Beer Is the Strangest, Happiest Economic Story in America

Craft breweries have focused on tastes that were underrepresented in the hyper-consolidated beer market. Large breweries ignored burgeoning niches, Watson said, particularly hoppy India Pale Ales, or IPAs, which constitute a large share of the craft-beer market. It’s also significant that the craft beer movement took off during the Great Recession, as joblessness created a generation of “necessity entrepreneurs” who, lacking formal offers, opened small-time breweries.

But the triumph of craft beer is not just about a preference for hops and sours. It’s also a story about America’s regulatory history, and how a certain combination of rules can make innovation bloom or wilt. Read the full story here.

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FEATURED ARTICLE: Why Entrepreneurship Involves Depression (And How To Overcome It)

Sooner or later as an entrepreneur, you are going to face off against depression. At least the odds are extremely high. Those that deny it are probably hiding it or still in denial. It’s a virtually guaranteed part of entrepreneur life. The good news is that just knowing this gives you a huge edge going in. Read here about 8 reasons why entrepreneurs get depressed.

Acceler8Success Cafe is Your Daily Resource About Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership!

Acceler8Success Cafe Podcast
Launching April 2019
Stay tuned for more details!

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One must first be open to possibilities before realizing opportunities. Success is then the result of taking action to capitalize on the opportunity.
It’s what entrepreneurs do best! 

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Acceler8Success Cafe is your daily resource about Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership.

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As commonplace as it has become in purchasing a business or franchise, funding continues to be a challenging experience. As such, it’s important to understand there are options and some often overlooked as being incorrectly perceived as unavailable. The most common is to use retirement funds without concern of taxes and penalties. The key is working with a professional to help navigate the process.

This week on Franchising & You our guest is Matt Trivelis, Senior Consultant at Benetrends Financial. Matt takes listeners through the process of using retirement funds to enter the world of entrepreneurship – without reducing the amount of money to invest due to early-payment penalties and tax liability. He also explains how to use retirement funds as the cash injection necessary for SBA loans and how to use the funds to receive a salary during startup. Listen LIVE or On-demand here!

Seeking up to 16 founders of startup & emerging franchise brands interested in exploring new possibilities. You’ll be participating in bi-weekly one-hour online meetings as a group. Discussions will focus on accelerating success through innovation, culture and excellence (ICE). There is absolutely no cost to participate. There will be 2 groups of 8 – one group for food-related brands and a second group for non-food brands. Goal is to start by May 1st. All that is requested is that if you sign up, please be committed to attend and participate.

To learn more, please contact Franchise Foundry CEO, Paul Segreto via email at Thank you!