Acceler8Success Cafe Friday 5.10.19

Which Came First – Leadership or Entrepreneurship?

I engaged this weekend and walked away considering every entrepreneur I know is a pioneer, and I discover their success and a correlation between every entrepreneur’s leadership skills. So, which comes first? Do you have to be a pioneer before you can be an entrepreneur? Or will you become an entrepreneur and also learn? Read more.

How an MBA in Entrepreneurship Can Make You a Future Leader

Almost, if not every, English language dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a person who sets up a business at their own risk, with the view of making a profit. Definitions have a tendency to highlight the cold logic of a word, rather than capture its essence – casting aside the drive, the passion, the epiphanies, the solution-finding and the ‘dreaming it big’ elements, which lie at the heart of the most entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, not every entrepreneur is necessarily seeking profit; however, what is essential to the definition of an entrepreneur, is the risk taken to achieve his or her ambition. Read more.

Can “Not-So-Rich” Kids Become Unicorn Entrepreneurs?

Along with the problem of rich parents buying their kids’ way into universities of their choice, do we also have a problem with business schools focusing on entrepreneurship education that is targeted to rich kids, rich schools, and venture capital? What’s common among Richard Schulze (Best Buy), Richard Burke (UnitedHealthcare), Glen Taylor (Taylor Corporation), Earl Bakken (Medtronic), and Bob Kierlin (Fastenal)? They are all Minnesotans (Burke moved from Georgia to Minnesota). They built unicorns from startup. They were not born rich. They saw entrepreneurship as opportunity, not risk. Read more.

Drink Up: Millennials Spend More on Craft Beer Than Any Other Generation

new survey conducted by C+R research found beer drinkers spend an average of $59 per month on craft beer, with Millennials leading the spending pack due to their obsession with craft beer. Millennials spend an additional $5 per month because more than half said they prefer having at least one craft beer per week. 43% of Millennials said they visit a brewery or brewpub at least once a month. Read more.

How To Know If Franchising Is Right For You

Franchises don’t come in a “one size fits all” model. The same applies to franchisees, the people who run these businesses. Some people fit well in the franchisee role – others, not so much. You should have a particular set of characteristics if you want to be a successful franchisee. You may survive without them, but the process will be painful. Before diving into the role or a franchisee, vet yourself to make sure you’re the right fit for this business model. Read more.

Evolving Attitudes, Laws Dissolving Risks on Mainstream CBD, Hemp Ventures, Experts Say

Projected to be a $32 billion a year industry by 2022, according to a research report published by CB Insights, CBD and hemp could revolutionize the relationship between agriculture and entrepreneurship, added James DeWitt — an Olathe hemp grower and co-founder of United American Hemp. Read more.

It’s Never Too Late: Entrepreneurship Has No Age

While it’s always good to start early, a study suggests that businesses are more likely to succeed as their founders’ age increase up until about age 40. From Gordon Bowker, who founded Starbucks when he was over 50, to Vera Wang, the editor at Vogue who decided to be a famous fashion designer at the age of 40, success cannot be determined by age. It has been observed that older entrepreneurs are more adept at building resilient businesses, which is especially crucial during times of modest economic growth. Read more.

How Franchising Helps Women Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

As seen in the recent post, ‘Women in Business: Is Franchising in Your Future?’, the number of female business owners is growing in terms of sheer numbers and the rate of ownership growth. Many of those business owners are women, attracted to the name recognition, support and networking that franchising offers. Read more.

Leadership Lessons From Top Entrepreneurs Of The World

Every businessman has a phase where inspiration and motivation is required from greatest leaders who ruled the field with their poise, decision-making skills, and optimism. These leaders proved their mettle via conformist or a non-conformist path with their amazing balance of thought. They also proved that for a successful businessman to make it big, there is no need to be born with a silver spoon or the path needn’t be challenge free. Some of the greatest businessmen had no mentors or formal education but still, they made a mark in the field. Read more.

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Acceler8Success Cafe Monday 5.6.19

The New Meaning Of Entrepreneurship

In a society that feels moribund, where the current government is sinking deeper into the morass on such huge societal problems as retirement, health care and climate, a lot of the real change has been coming from entrepreneurship. Is there any wonder, then, that agents of social change are borrowing concepts from entrepreneurship and even the word itself to describe themselves?

Entrepreneurship used to mean this: “The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

The idea of entrepreneurship had already been evolving, as some people divorced entrepreneurship from profit. There were social entrepreneurs, who were building enterprises with double bottom lines. Now, we’re watching the concept of entrepreneurship transform, again. Read more.

The Psychological Price Of Entrepreneurship

What Visiting a Maximum Security Prison Taught Me About Entrepreneurship and Life

How Entrepreneurs Can Just Say No

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Biggest Ever! Record-Setting Multi-Unit Franchising Conference Keeps the Customers Satisfied

Create Your Own Wealth, a Collection of 2-Minute Topics on Franchising

Franchising In The Cannabis Industry Begins To Light Up

Tips to Franchise a Restaurant

Franchising is a strategy in which it uses other people’s money to grow and expand without giving up control or equity in the original business. In franchising, the franchisee pays to the franchisor a franchise fee plus a percentage of the top line revenue which is commonly referred to as a royalty. Additionally, the franchisee provides the people power behind the daily operations as well and it allows for the brand to expand at a more expeditious rate.

Franchising a restaurant is a big step for any owner at any stage. It takes time, patience, and hard work. It is important to remember that franchising is a business and, much like any business, it generally does not happen overnight. Read more.

Are You Ready to Franchise Your Business or Put Your Recently Franchised Brand on the Right Track?

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Acceler8Success Cafe Thursday 5.2.19

Four Ways the Restaurant Industry Is Changing

Millennial spending on restaurants is driving rapid change in the food-and-beverage industry. A new survey from CBRE reports four emerging trends that will significantly impact the real estate for foo-and-beverage operators, both in retail and industrial. The survey predicts that neighborhoods on the edge of the urban core will become food and beverage hotspots; the growth of single-person households will drive more spending on restaurants; spending on restaurants and groceries will outpace soft goods in the next five years; and, finally, millennial spending on food and beverage will exceed all other generations in the next 10 years. Read more.

3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Restaurant

Is it Really Possible to Reduce Employee Turnover in a Restaurant?

Catering grew 50% faster than entire restaurant industry in 2018

How The Restaurant Industry Is Moving Toward Cashless Payments For Employees

How Automation Helps Reduce Back-of-House Labor Costs

Don’t Lose Easy Money: The Quick Way to Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly and Maximize Restaurant Sales

Follow this quick and simple guide to check if you’re mobile friendly and make sure easy revenue isn’t slipping through your fingers. Are you sure that your website is mobile friendly to meet the demands of the majority of your customers? It might surprise you how often restaurant websites don’t cut the mustard for mobile users. Bottom line, if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re losing money.

Restaurant marketing experts say “Many of our restaurant owning customers are often shocked to find out that thousands of potential customers turned away from their website because they couldn’t easily read it on mobile. If you want to make sure you’re maximizing restaurant revenue opportunities, this should absolutely be the first thing you take care of.” Read more.

Coffee Growth Driven by Afternoon Pick-me-ups

Webinar to Reveal How Restructuring Franchise Operations Can Lead to Growth

How Master Developers Champion Franchise Brands

The 2018 QSR Drive-Thru Study

It seems that all anyone in the restaurant industry can talk about these days is off-premises dining. From mobile-powered delivery to kiosk-driven takeout and all of the other increasingly accessible food occasions outside the four walls, off-premises is revolutionizing how guests interact with food businesses—and how those businesses design their customer experiences.

But off-premises is old hat for quick serves. After all, it’s technically been a key strategy for the industry for generations in the form of the drive thru. Most major quick serves report about 70 percent of their sales going out the drive-thru window, and that expertise gives them a leg up when it comes to staffing, packaging, expediency, and all of the other systems necessary for running a robust off-premises dining program. Read more.

Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.

Learn more at

How Franchising Helps Women Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

As seen in the recent post, ‘Women in Business: Is Franchising in Your Future?’, the number of female business owners is growing in terms of sheer numbers and the rate of ownership growth. Many of those business owners are women, attracted to the name recognition, support and networking that franchising offers. Read more.

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