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National Small Business Week 2019

National Small Business Week marks more than 50 years of recognizing small business growth. The event highlights their contribution to the U.S. economy. And it identifies the challenges they face.

Small businesses seek to find workable solutions to these challenges in order to grow. And the administration says the success of these businesses “Depends on leadership and vision from all perspectives and backgrounds.”

Women own close to 10 million American small businesses. And minorities and veterans make up 29% and 10% of those owners respectively.

With the right policies, incentives, and environment, small businesses can grow without too much meddling from the government. Read more.

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As we celebrate National Small Business Week please remember that most franchises are Mom & Pop owned & operated businesses. With long hours and in many cases, investment of life savings, franchisees have committed to the American Dream of business ownership no different than any Mom & Pop business owner on Main Street USA.

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Celebrate Entrepreneurs During National Small Business Week

This is an important week for all Americans who rely on small businesses — it’s National Small Business Week. In addition to supporting small businesses in your local community, it presents a great opportunity to learn about the essential role small business entrepreneurs and their employees play in the American economy.

According to the Small Business Administration, there are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States—which employ nearly 60 million people. When stacked up against other participates in the business community, small businesses account for 99% of all enterprises in the country.

For the past decade, small businesses have been responsible for creating two-thirds of all net new jobs, empowering local economies all across the country. Not a lot of large businesses would open a location in a town of a few thousand people, yet you can’t go anywhere in America without running across a small business. They are truly the hallmark and cornerstone of Main Street. Read more.

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Why Entrepreneurs Cannot Afford to Ignore their Mental Health

Entrepreneurship is an exciting, celebrated & sought-after profession. More than being a profession, its a passion of individuals who really want to change the world through their services, products, ideas and make a lasting impact.

But with this bright side that is visible to all, including the people who embark this journey, entrepreneurship almost always has a painful, dark side to it that no one talks openly about, that a person entering this world is unaware of or grossly underestimates.

Before the riches, the celebration, the media coverage, the frenzy comes in, an entrepreneur has to struggle with daily failures, lack of resources for survival, family and friend’s pressure, social isolation due to lack of time, at the personal level.

And on professional side, an uphill task of convincing people to work for them & to join their vision and continue with it even when adversities hit in, an even tougher task to win customers who haven’t ever heard of you, to keep them happy and keep multiplying their growth while also getting access to capital without which any big idea can fail. Along with this is the onslaught of competition with newer technology, more money or any combination that could put an entrepreneur’s vision at severe risk. The breakneck speed at which all of this happens, these changes in an individual’s life who once was thrilled with his/her new idea, can throw an individual off balance and make a person susceptible to a host of emotional and mental health issues. Read more.

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How Franchising Helps Women Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

As a female franchise owner, is work/life balance possible? Are the competing demands of business and family too vast to realistically expect there to be a way to maintain control of both?

Surprisingly, many women franchisees say it is the move into franchising that has allowed them to find and maintain the sought-after work/life balance most of us aspire to. Read more.

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The New Meaning Of Entrepreneurship

In a society that feels moribund, where the current government is sinking deeper into the morass on such huge societal problems as retirement, health care and climate, a lot of the real change has been coming from entrepreneurship. Is there any wonder, then, that agents of social change are borrowing concepts from entrepreneurship and even the word itself to describe themselves?

Entrepreneurship used to mean this: “The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

The idea of entrepreneurship had already been evolving, as some people divorced entrepreneurship from profit. There were social entrepreneurs, who were building enterprises with double bottom lines. Now, we’re watching the concept of entrepreneurship transform, again. Read more.

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Tips to Franchise a Restaurant

Franchising is a strategy in which it uses other people’s money to grow and expand without giving up control or equity in the original business. In franchising, the franchisee pays to the franchisor a franchise fee plus a percentage of the top line revenue which is commonly referred to as a royalty. Additionally, the franchisee provides the people power behind the daily operations as well and it allows for the brand to expand at a more expeditious rate.

Franchising a restaurant is a big step for any owner at any stage. It takes time, patience, and hard work. It is important to remember that franchising is a business and, much like any business, it generally does not happen overnight. Read more.

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