Benefiting From the Relationship Between Franchise Consultant and Franchisor

“When the IFPG trains new Franchise Consultants, we always instruct them to take the next step in their career by making the wise investment of time and effort into getting their CFE asap…” – Red Boswell, IFPG President

Red BoswellThis week on Franchising & You, newly appointed president of the International Franchise Professionals Group, Red Boswell was our guest. Based upon his insight from his experience working with third-party sellers, Red shared his perspective on two key relationships, Franchise Consultant & Franchisor and also Franchise Consultant & Franchise Candidate.

In addition to sharing his goals and objectives with IFPG and especially as they pertain to success within the ‘franchise tripod’ – Franchisor, Franchise Consultant and Franchise Candidate, Red addressed several key points:

  • Importance of Franchise Consultant and Franchisor having a strong relationship and how that relationship benefits the candidate.
  • How working with a Franchise Consultant can prove extremely valuable as a trend in franchising sees more and more home-based or small office-based franchise opportunities dotting the landscape.
  • As more candidates, impressed by the relationship they’re building with their Franchise Consultant are deciding to explore franchise consultancy opportunities themselves.

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Legal Entity Options for Your Franchise Business

Tom Spadea

Of all the choices made when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure to select for a company. Not only will this decision have an impact on taxes, it will also affect personal liability and even the ability to raise money.

This morning on Franchising & You podcast, Tom Spadea, partner and Franchise Attorney at Spadea Lignana talked through the topic of legal entity options across several situations:

  • Legal entity options for a franchise business and considerations for each
  • Considerations for choosing a legal entity for multi-unit and area development
  • Choosing the right legal structure considering implications on future events – voluntary and based upon necessity – sale of business, death of principal and effect on family, death of a partner, bankruptcy.

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How to Use Your Retirement Funds to Buy a Business

This morning on Franchising & You, Matt Trivelis, Senior Consultant at Benetrends Financial dispelled some of the myths about funding a business. Taking listeners through the process of using retirement funds to enter the world of entrepreneurship, Matt shared how to do so without reducing the amount of money to invest due to early-payment penalties and tax liability. Focusing on Benetrends Rainmaker program, Matt covered the following:

  1. History of the Rainmaker program and start of the ROBs industry
  2. 4 Step Process for Rainmaker
  3. Combination of the Rainmaker program with SBA
  4. SBA background (terms, interest rates)
  5. Piece of Mind for those still employed and exploring an opportunity
  6. Costs to get it all done and what’s included

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