Acceler8Success Cafe Holiday Weekend Edition

Holiday Weekends are time for family, reflection and personal well-being. This edition is focused on these needs for entrepreneurs everywhere.

We’ll be back to serve you on Monday, April 22nd!

3 Ways to Balance Your Business, Family and Everything Else

Balancing your life is like one of those acrobatic acts where people are standing on top of one another balancing themselves — each person represents an important part of your life. You want to keep them all up there without anyone falling. Not so easy, is it? To really appreciate and enjoy what you have, balancing the many aspects of your life is essential, but many people aren’t very good at it.  Read more.

This excerpt above is from Manny Khoshbin’s book Driven: The Never-Give-Up Roadmap to Massive SuccessBuy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | IndieBound

35 Successful Entrepreneurs Share What Work-Life Balance Means to Them

Family Men Like Me Can Be Entrepreneurs Too

Women Entrepreneurs Share the Truth About Work-Life Balance

Life Update: Making the Jump

Over the course of the last year or so, I came to realize that my 9 to 5 gig was killing me. I had arrived at a place in my career where I was respected and valued by my peers, but the work itself no longer inspired me. In fact, at the risk of sounding too dramatic, it was leaching my soul out of my body one excruciating drop at a time.

Everyday meant getting up and dreading going to work. I was endlessly frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, and frankly depressed. I wanted to feel good about what I was contributing to this world, and my “day job” had ceased to be an environment where I could feel happy and proud of myself. Read more.

How Do Women Entrepreneurs Balance Work and Family?

12 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Do for Holidays

10 Books on Entrepreneurship to Read This Holiday Weekend

An entrepreneur’s work is never done, but it’s important to make some time for rest and relaxation, especially when the sun is shining and summer barbecues are popping up on every corner. While you’re lounging on the beach or even your back porch, take the opportunity to catch up on the reading you meant to do the rest of the year. Read more.

Acceler8Success Cafe Wednesday 4.17.19

Want a Tiger Woods Comeback? All It Takes Is the Right Mindset.

Tiger Woods spent 11 years in the wilderness, both professionally and personally. And on one brilliant, sunny afternoon in Augusta, Georgia on April 14, 2019, he proved a lesson that should reverberate through boardrooms and offices throughout the world. The lesson: no matter how seemingly massive, every one of your setbacks is just a comeback in disguise. Read more.

7 Personal And Professional Growth Strategies For Entrepreneurs

This Entrepreneur Explains How To Meet Your “Inner Millionaire” And Overcome Limiting Money Beliefs

Women Supporting Women: Eight Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Find Resources And Support

Sick and Tired of the Things that have Traditionally Held Women Entrepreneurs Back? Read This

About Franchising – Help with Buying a Franchise

Multi-brand Franchisors Think Strategically to Maximize ROI

Franchises as Part of an Investment Portfolio

The History Of Franchising, And Why Today It’s Easier Than Ever

Once upon a time, if you wanted to buy a franchise, you might have found an ad in the paper, like the one that appeared in a 1949 New York Times issue, which I recently found while combing through some online library newspaper archives.

“Do you have $10,000 to $20,000 to invest?” the headline blared in the classifieds. It continued: “We will set you up to operate a successful ladies cotton dress shop, on a franchise basis. Successful stores now operating in New York State, New Jersey and Long Island. You can locate the store in your own community, no experience necessary. Excellent opportunity to develop your own business and make a comfortable living. Write for appointment.”

It’s a different world now. There are franchise brokers, franchise websites, franchise books and franchise coaches such as myself. Read more.

Franchising & The New Tax Law: What Business Owners Need to Know

Can Women Get SBA Loans to Finance a Franchise Opportunity?

The Cost to Start a Franchise and Financing Options: How to Find the Money You Need

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Paul Segreto, Founder, Acceler8Success

Acceler8Success Cafe Tuesday 4.16.19

17 Excellent Entrepreneurship Books You Can Read In A Weekend

As a new entrepreneur, you have a lot to learn, and you likely want to do it fast. Short but impactful business books can be the perfect solution for learning how to plan your business, hack your growth and develop other core entrepreneurial skills.

No matter what area you’re focused on, there are many books that cover all the bases. Click here for 17 Forbes Coaches Council members who share their must-read recommendations for emerging business owners. These picks are all 350 pages or fewer and can be finished in a single weekend—or a single sitting if you read quickly!

10 Small Steps You Can Take to Start or Grow a Small Business at Any Stage

How These Women Entrepreneurs Improved Their Supply Chain Finance

5 Essential Steps for Women Who Want to Become Entrepreneurs

Basic Principals of Creative Entrepreneurs

There Are Two Types Of Entrepreneurs – Both Can Benefit From An Aligned Hustle

Hard work is often lauded as the key American virtue that leads to success and opportunity. It has preoccupied the business world for years creating a divide and resulting in two camps: Hustle Nation vs. Ease & Flow.

On one side are entrepreneurs who grind. They put in long, arduous hours and focus on high-performance achievement, devoting themselves completely to their businesses.

On the other side are entrepreneurs who concentrate largely on sustaining lifestyle businesses (with a focus on mindset: clarity, alignment, and attraction).

Both sides have their pros and cons. Read more.

Finding Financing for Your Restaurant’s Stage of Life

The Delivery Dilemma Rages On for Restaurants

Restaurant Same-store Sales End 2018 on a High Note, Despite Low Traffic, High Labor Costs

Changing Dynamics of Craft Beer

Is Craft Beer as Close to a Sure Thing as an Entrepreneur Can Get?

Cannabis And the Beer Industry

Suddenly, CBD is everywhere. Here’s what’s next.

The CBD gold rush has begun. CBD, the chemical found in hemp and marijuana plants, is showing up in shampoos, lattes, body oils, gummy bears and dog treats. It’s being sold in coffee shops and farmer’s markets, mom-and-pops and high-end department stores and most recently, drugstore chain CVS.

“Literally overnight, you’re seeing CBD all around you and in everything,” said Troy Dayton, CEO of The Arcview Group, an Oakland, California-based cannabis investment and research firm. “This is a product that is going from relative obscurity to being on everyone’s mind: producers, consumers and especially entrepreneurs.” Read more.

11 Unexpected Ways You Can Relieve Headaches

The Preferred Meditation Apps of Entrepreneurs

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