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FEATURED ARTICLE: 9 Strategies for Personal Branding Online in 2019

Your personal brand is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career. People don’t understand this. Playing the long game and building your reputation always plays out. But the issue is, people see others getting ahead in the short term at the expense of their long term personal brand. And so, they get tricked.

Instead of being patient, they go for the quick sales. They keep trying to convert customers on the first interaction. They try to extract money, instead of creating an experience. Brand is about how someone feels in the moment when they interact with you or your business. Read the complete article by Gary Vaynerchuk here.

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Legal Entity Options for Your Franchise Business

Of all the choices made when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure selected for the company. Not only will this decision have an impact on taxes, but it will affect personal liability and potentially, the ability to raise money.

This past week on Franchising & You, Tom Spadea, Franchise Attorney and Partner at Spadea Lignana discussed various entity structures for operating a franchise business including options for multi-unit and area development. Tapping into his experience as both an attorney and entrepreneur, Tom shared his perspective on the legal entity’s potential impact on a franchise business beyond it’s legal structure. Listen to this podcast segment here.

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How millennials and Gen Z are reshaping the future of the workforce

Millennials and their younger “Gen Z” counterparts are used to facing sweeping criticism over their commitment to the workplace. Brandished the work-shy generation of “snowflake” tendencies, millennials are said to expect too much freedom of their employers, and yet 84 percent report to experiencing burnout from their excessive workloads.

However, the post-1980s cohort of employees is actually inspiring meaningful ideas that will change the future of work as we know it. That’s according to a new study from human resources research firm Inavero and freelancing website Upwork, which has highlighted four major ways in which the youngest members of the workforce are setting in motion fundamental change.

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