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Franchising Supports Small Business Saturday

Progress is being made and franchising is being recognized more and more by American Express in their Small Business Saturday efforts. Just like many independent small business owners, franchisees have invested their life savings in pursuit of the American Dream. And just like small business owners everywhere, they continue to fight off big box retailers and department stores alike for a slice of every dollars expended by today’s consumer.
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Franchise brands are few and far between on list of top brands in customer service!

Do you believe it’s possible for a franchise brand to consistently deliver positively memorable customer service along the likes of Apple and, just to name a few of the brands that are repeatedly mentioned when discussing exceptional customer service and customer experience? Continue reading

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Would the World be a Better Place Without Franchising?

This article is a repost from March 15, 2009 It is unfortunate the franchise industry continues to be (and always will be) subjected to bad press because of franchisee failures resulting in lost family savings including the children’s college fund. … Continue reading

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Franchise Community – This Needs Our Immediate Attention!

Every once in a while, we come across something that makes such an impact on us that we find ourselves motivated to let other people know about our find. Well, I found one of those things. Except, it is not … Continue reading

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Talking PR, Franchising & Social Media with Arment Dietrich CEO, Gini Dietrich

As we do quite often, Gini Dietrich, CEO at Arment Dietrich PR, and I, communicate on Twitter, on Facebook, by email and by phone, about a multitude of things, both business and personal. Sure, we banter and kid a great … Continue reading

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