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A Homegrown Economy Starts With Entrepreneurs

Recognizing the economic and cultural benefits entrepreneurs bring to their hometowns, mayors and other local leaders are looking for practical ways to attract and retain more of these economic heroes. Rather than luring businesses from the outside through costly incentives such as tax breaks and calling it growth, more mayors and their communities are now looking within.

“Growing your own [economy] through investing in entrepreneurs is an economic development imperative for mayors and their cities,” said Betsy Hodges, former mayor of Minneapolis. “Entrepreneurs grow the cities they live in. The money stays in their community. They hire local. This leads to an upward spiral of success for the city.” Read more.

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Create Your Own Wealth, a Collection of 2-Minute Topics on Franchising

Returning as a guest to Franchising & You is Holly A Ford, Entrepreneur, Executive Franchise Broker, Radio Host and Author. Fresh on the heels of the recent publication of her best-selling book, Create Your Own Wealth, a Collection of 2-Minute Topics on Franchising, Holly shares her goals and objectives around the book’s development along with the motivating factors that led her to ‘putting her thoughts down on paper.’

The book’s Table of Contents is like no other with riveting chapters including, World Domination – Creating Wealth through Franchise Expansion, We are the World – The Social Entrepreneur, and Diamond in the Rough – Why Invest in an Unprofitable Business.

Franchising & You airs every Saturday at 9:30 AM EDT / 8:30 AM CDT with each segment available on-demand. Listen here.

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Moving from a Corporate Job to Entrepreneurship? You Have More Advantages Than You Think

The corporate world can be a comfortable place with its steady income and predictability. But after many years in a corporate job, you may begin to feel stifled. After all, you need to work within set hours, may desire more work/life balance and higher income potential. You might have new ideas, but no support to implement them. And do you want to be your own boss? If these sentiments resonate with you, a corporate job to entrepreneurship may be your next career transition.

However, leaving a corporate job to start your own business is a major step and you may be wondering if you have what it takes. At BirthdayPak, we have found that the skills and experiences our franchise owners acquired from their corporate days have positioned them for success as an entrepreneur. Here’s why you have more transferrable skills and advantages than you think, and they can benefit you as a business owner too. Read more.

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Acceler8Success Cafe Wednesday 4.10.19

Thoughts That a Beginner Should Have in His Mind on Entrepreneurship

Hurdles which are associated with the journey of entrepreneurship deter many people even before the start of the promising ideas. Several startup owners do feel how their journey can lead them towards the desired goal, what can they do to make it successful and what they should have done in the past are a few things that keep on discouraging a beginner before the start of the journey.

It is a fact that listening to success stories of great people who successfully made it keeps on inspiring. Such inspiring stories allow the beginner to come closer to their dream. However, it is also true that for every successful entrepreneur there are several failed attempts. You might be working for a well-established company, but still not be able to put your views and ideas. By becoming an entrepreneur you have the biggest opportunity to come out of the crowd, create an inspiring story for others, stand strongly with the financial freedom everyone yearns for. Read more!

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Women In Business: Is Franchising in Your Future?

American Express, in its annual State of Women-Owned Business Report for 2018, found that women-owned businesses opened at a net rate of 1,821 businesses per day. Its findings give insights into the overall state of female entrepreneurship. Among its key findings:

  • Between 1972, when the U.S. Census Bureau began tracking ownership by gender, and 2018, the number of women-owned businesses grew 31 times larger, from 402,000 to 12.3 million.
  • Employment in women-owned companies grew 40 times larger, from 230,000 to 9.2 million in the same time period. Annual revenue grew from $8.1 billion to $1.8 trillion.
  • In the past 11 years, the number of women-owned businesses with more than $1 million in annual sales grew by 46 percent, compared to 12 percent growth for all U.S. businesses. Those high-earning firms account for 69 percent of all revenue and 68 percent of total employment among all women-owned companies. Read more.

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Acceler8Success Cafe Wednesday 3.20.19

Acceler8Success Cafe is Your Daily Resource About Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership!

In this midweek, Hump Day edition of Acceler8Success Cafe the focus is on podcasting and digital marketing. As an entrepreneur, do you know all you need to know about what the digital world has to offer? Well, whether you do or don’t, our objective is to help you take one more step up the ladder. Certainly, learning more couldn’t possibly hurt, right?

In the article, Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to be Savvy in Digital Marketing in Order to Survive, the author, Neil Patel starts off, “Entrepreneurship has evolved. There used to be a time where you could open up a local business in town and turn a hefty profit with hard work, dedication, and financial management skills. Today, your blood, sweat, and tears are not enough to keep your business afloat.” He continues, “What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur? You need to adapt.”

Y Combinator Bets on the Booming Podcast Industry

Podcasts are exploding in popularity and Y Combinator,  the startup accelerator known for its long list of unicorn graduates, is throwing its support behind a business tackling the podcast monetization problem. Among its latest and largest-ever cohort is Brew, a subscription-based app complete with original content.

Though Brew’s founders, Jijo Sunny, Madhavan Ramakrishnan, Aleesha John and Joseph Sunny, call Brew the “Netflix  for podcasts,” the app differs from Luminary, which made headlines with the same tagline and a $100 million roundearlier this month. Luminary, which hasn’t yet launched, will similarly operate under a subscription model, charging $8 a month for access to its podcasts. 

What’s Next for Podcasting?

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If you enjoy technology just as much as you value business relationships, this show is for you! Social Geek Radio was listed as one of 20 Best Business Podcasts according to Emerge and was named to the Best Small Business Podcasts by 

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7 Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following on Social Media

What is digital entrepreneurship? It is a term that usually refers to online entrepreneurs who specialize in digital media and digital downloads. They create digital media for consumers such as podcasts, videos, or other digital assets that they sell online on a digital platform. Here’s how it’s defined on Quora.

Another definition of a digital (or online) entrepreneur is anyone who has a business online. But this is a rather loose definition since not all online entrepreneurs use digital assets in the same way that a digital content creator does. READ MORE HERE!

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