Four Steps to Social Media Success

Share Interact Engage

Updated January 11, 2017

A year or so ago, there was a great article shared with me about things we can learn from teens about about social media. To me, the article was spot-on. Point blank, the reason teens are better at social media than, well, anybody, is answered directly in the article as follows:

“Because teens aren’t on social media to promote or sell. They’re there for 1 main reason… To be social!”

The article reaffirmed some things in my mind about social media that we at Franchise Foundry execute on for both our franchise development and accelerated digital strategies clients, but many companies haven’t even begun to do, are afraid to and/or have no clue how to do. One thing in particular is integration across platforms. Another is community-building. And, another is avoiding brand regurgitation making sure to be social and to make it about the audience, not just about the brand.

The key, the true key is that businesses (and marketers) view social media solely as marketing while teens look at it as communicating (sharing information, interacting, engaging… developing the relationship whereby asking for something, a call-for-action, if you will, is normal to the relationship, it is not out of sync, it is not overstepping boundaries, it is not selfish – instead, it is earned! Yes, these are my four steps to social media success – share, interact, engage and then, only then have your earned the right for a call-to-action… and together they are quite effective as they’re all about communicating first, marketing second.

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What is FranchisEssentials?

franchiseMy name is Paul Segreto and FranchisEssentials is my personal blog. 

Since 2009, my objective has been to utilize this site to share information, insight and perspective on franchising. My goal remains steadfast, to help individuals on all levels learn all they can about, within and around the world of franchising. So, whether you’re a franchisor, franchisee, franchise candidate or industry professional including franchise attorney, broker, consultant, coach, supplier or anyone else supporting the franchise community, I trust FranchisEssentials will always be considered a valuable resource. Recently, my focus has expanded to include information about small business and entrepreneurship. After all, it makes perfect sense as both are tied tightly to and within franchising.

I truly appreciate you visiting FranchisEssentials and thank you in advance for sharing the information found here across social media and also with friends, family, colleagues and clients. As well, please take some time to review the various posts and even visit the multitude of resources listed on the site. Of course, if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for or if you have a question or comment, please complete and submit the form below and I will respond to you ASAP.

Paul Segreto



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Eight Years on the Air… But Who’s Counting?

celebrating_8_yearsIt’s hard to believe we’re celebrating 8 years on Franchise Today. I’d like to thank all that have made this show, not only possible but what it is today as one the leading podcasts dedicated specifically to sensible, sustainable franchising.

I’d especially like to thank my co-host for the past two years, Stan Friedman who encouraged me to continue with the show at a time when I was losing interest. He pushed until he got the answer he was looking for, knowing it was the right thing to do. It’s definitely an honor getting to work weekly with Stan and developing a bond that is truly special. Of course, I cannot forget Stan’s organization, FRM Solutions who along with Franchise Foundry sponsor the show.

Thank you to the great PR firms in franchising who continue to introduce us to some of the brightest stars in franchising today, and especially to the fantastic team at Fishman Public Relations who have been bringing us guests for well over five years, sometimes on a moment’s notice.

Certainly, I must also thank Joel Libava, The Franchise King who was a co-host in the early years and as franchising’s earliest blogger really did teach me a thing or two – not to mention all his retweets which helped spur more and more to follow our announcements on Twitter. Along those same lines, thank you to Jerry Darnell who is always the first to LIKE and SHARE show announcements on Facebook.

I think back to the early years and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Joe Caruso as it was Joe who truly helped reshape the show’s format for the better as producer of the show five or six years ago. Not only did he schedule a new wave of guests, including many great franchise attorneys and finance professionals, but Joe was also instrumental in introducing Franchise Today to the International Franchise Association. Since then we’ve had on the show a number of then current and former IFA Chairpersons as well as the last two to hold the position of IFA CEO & president. To that end, a special thanks goes out to the IFA for continuing to recognize Franchise Today as highly relevant to the franchise community.

And what would Franchise Today be without such fantastic franchise professionals who unselfishly share their time, knowledge and experience so that others may learn the right way, the best way to succeed at this great thing we call franchising? The list goes on and on and without being able to name all for fear of missing just one, I’ll just say I’m blown away by the list as it is truly a Who’s Who in the world of franchising!

Last, but certainly not least I’d like to thank all of our loyal listeners who either listen LIVE or on-demand week in and week out, many without fail, even taking us on vacation with them. Yes, you truly are the reason we’re still here today. Your notes of appreciation and comments across social media make me want to continue Franchise Today for years to come.

To all I’ve referred to above and to all I may have left out, I say, Thank you!

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Change… Because Failure is not an Option

change-courseLike a ship at sea, a business should make directional changes in a long, sweeping manner. Conversely, although abrupt change in direction may create havoc, it may be deemed necessary by the captain and navigation team to avoid what may not be apparently visible on the surface to others on the ship, but is evident nonetheless through compilation of data and viewing radar. In any event, well thought-out plans, including contingency plans must be in place and acted upon to arrive safely at a specific destination within a certain time frame, and with available resources.

However, what happens when seas are rough, or when a storm is approaching, or when an engine shuts down? It’s then the captain’s responsibility to crew and passengers, and to the ship’s stakeholders to make any and all necessary changes to ensure all interests are protected. Thereafter, when the ship is safely docked, management must review the events that took place and explore options to ensure the same problems don’t reoccur. Management must identify ways to improve performance by developing strategy and executing on tactical plans to accomplish objectives at all required intervals – short, mid and long-term.

Change requires thought and planning. As does operating a successful business. As change occurs, many within the business are exposed to decisions that on the surface appear to be “drastic or severe” and are not understood and/or agreed upon. However, what is typically not realized are areas of weakness and vulnerability that must be addressed and with the utmost sense of urgency. In many cases there are common denominators across multiple areas of the business. Most will be directly attributable to reduction in sales. Some will adversely affect profitability.

Unfortunately, the economic woes of the great recession continue to linger, compounding problems that may have started as a result of the downturn. Deficiencies, usually hidden by high sales levels are standing out like sore thumbs. Accepting these facts while realizing limitations and shortcomings is vitally important, but knowing what and how to improve [and change] is required. Definitive action is paramount!

Change what needs to be changed. Prioritize changes that will make the most immediate impact. Grow into the changes that aren’t urgent. But, do it all within the time frame where challenges present themselves as survival may be dependent upon the same. Change, as unpopular as it might be, is necessary to recover AND to move forward. To this end, hard decisions must be made – with absolute conviction and without delay for the good of the business and ultimately, for all within the business. Yes, change is difficult. But so is failure, and failure is not an option!

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Do Transitioning Corporate Executives [Really] Make Good Franchisees?

This question was discussed on Linkedin approximately a year and a half ago and there were some interesting responses. However, the further we drift from the onslaught of transitioning executives caused by the 2008-2012 economic downturn, maybe we should now pose a different question… How have franchisors fared since awarding focusing on transitioning executives?

We often look at franchise success as up to the franchisor, i.e. it’s the franchisor’s job to be sure franchisees succeed. But of course, we know that not all franchisees, including transitioning executives, are created equal. Some are better than others! People in transition may, in fact, not make very good decisions – maybe they may panic and jump into a franchise too quickly and they don’t do all the homework that’s necessary or possibly don’t ask all the right questions. Some actually have limited skill set to their former job.

It would be interesting for franchisors to reveal how “transitioning executives” have fared, though that’s probably asking a bit too much. Because again, even if the transitioning executives have failed, it doesn’t mean the franchise system is bad. Maybe the system is just not right for certain individuals?

It really doesn’t matter whether a candidate is a transitioning executive or an immigrant national or even a mom exploring business ownership instead of returning to the workforce. What matters is how well prepared a candidate is for franchising (and business ownership) and whether or not the candidate is a right-fit for a particular franchise, and the franchise for him or her. Because we also know that all candidates are not created equal. Nor are franchisors! It’s all the more reason to identify and develop ideal candidate profiles, and keep in mind, there may be several.

Any thoughts?

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