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Do Transitioning Corporate Executives [Really] Make Good Franchisees?

This question was discussed on Linkedin approximately a year and a half ago, and the following is a comment from a franchise professional that I believe raises some very important additional questions about transitioning executives as franchisees.

Maybe we could ask the question another way. How have franchisors succeeded when they awarded franchises to transitioning executives? . . . Puts a little different emphasis on it. Continue reading

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Local Marketing Challenges: What is a Franchisee to do?

I believe the most common local marketing challenges in a franchise organization are the typical franchisee’s lack of marketing 101 skills, their inability to develop a defined marketing strategy, and certainly their inability to execute any marketing plan. However, let’s … Continue reading

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Franchisors Financially Assisting Franchisees: Good Or Bad Idea?

The following article was posted at LSJ.com and discusses franchisors assisting franchisees froma financial standpoint in order for the franchisees to withstand the current economic crisis. But, is it a good or bad idea? Does it set precedence that will … Continue reading

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Franchise Growth: Are Concessions and Discounts Necessary?

This article is based upon a recent discussion in a LinkedIn franchise group. The original discussion posted the question, “What kind of discounts or concessions are required now to get a franchisee candidate to move forward?” and generated many responses … Continue reading

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Transitioning Corporate Executives as Franchisees

Recently, I posted a discussion on LinkedIn about whether or not transitioning corporate executives made good franchisees. Most responses came from individuals from within the franchise industry. Some, from outside the industry. Several responses were based upon actual experience while some were simply opinion. Continue reading

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