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What is FranchisEssentials?

My name is Paul Segreto and FranchisEssentials is my personal blog.  Since 2009, my objective has been to utilize this site to share information, insight and perspective on franchising. My goal remains steadfast, to help individuals on all levels learn … Continue reading

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Franchise Social Media – Beyond the Basics [REVISITED]

What is Franchise Social Media? Basically, it’s more than just social media. It’s the application and utilization of social media within a franchise environment. Sure, many of the same principles apply. But, franchising is different than most small business models. It’s unique in many ways beyond the typical B2B or B2C model. There are specific disclosure laws that are a major part of the franchise candidate recruitment process. Even from a consumer proposition standpoint, the integrity of the entire franchise organization must be considered. And, one cannot discuss social media in a franchise environment without touching upon guidelines, policies and procedures, and brand uniformity. Continue reading

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What is the True Definition of, “Entrepreneur?”

Entrepreneurs are from all walks of life. They have varying degrees of skill and education. Some take more risks than others, but risk is there, nonetheless. Of course, there are many, many other characteristics and traits, and many combinations thereof.

So, really, what is an “entrepreneur?” What does it truly mean? Are there varying degrees of being an entrepreneur – different classes, different levels? Continue reading

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True Social Media ROI – Relationship & Community Building

Return-on-Investment is important but too many miss the boat by trying to make social media a line-item on their financials. Continue reading

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Marketing, Media & Franchising

As today’s consumer and franchise candidates are more sophisticated, educated and technologically advanced than ever before, many franchise organizations are focusing on digital marketing as a way to attract these targets. Continue reading

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